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  • https://gethumandesk.com/allegiant-missed-flight-policy/

    Allegiant Airlines Missed Flight: What to Do and How to Get Help
    Missing a flight can be an incredibly stressful experience, especially when traveling with Allegiant Airlines. However, understanding the procedures and options available to you can make a significant difference. This comprehensive guide provides detailed information on what to do if you miss your Allegiant Airlines flight and how to get assistance from their customer service desk.

    Immediate Steps After Missing Your Allegiant Flight
    1. Don't Panic and Assess Your Situation
    First and foremost, try to stay calm. Panic can cloud your judgment and make the situation more difficult to manage. Assess why you missed your flight—whether it was due to traffic, delays in security checks, or simply arriving late at the airport.

    2. Contact Allegiant Airlines Immediately
    The next crucial step is to contact Allegiant Airlines as soon as possible. The sooner you inform them of your situation, the better your chances of finding a solution. You can reach the Allegiant Airlines customer service desk at +1-833-930-2006.

    3. Head to the Allegiant Customer Service Desk
    If you are already at the airport, make your way to the Allegiant Airlines customer service desk. The airline staff there can provide immediate assistance and help you understand your options.

    Understanding Allegiant Airlines' Missed Flight Policy
    1. Allegiant's "Flat Tire" Rule
    Allegiant Airlines has an unofficial "flat tire" rule, which means that if you miss your flight due to circumstances beyond your control, such as a flat tire, they may accommodate you on the next available flight without any additional charges. However, this is not a guaranteed policy and is at the discretion of the airline staff.

    2. Rebooking Options
    If you miss your flight, Allegiant Airlines typically offers two main rebooking options:

    Same-Day Standby: You may be placed on standby for the next available flight on the same day. This option is usually provided free of charge, but it depends on seat availability.
    Rebooking for a Later Date: If no same-day flights are available, you can rebook your flight for a later date. This may incur additional charges, depending on the fare rules of your original ticket.
    Fees and Charges for Missed Flights
    1. Change Fees
    If you need to change your flight, Allegiant Airlines may charge a change fee. This fee can vary depending on the type of ticket you purchased and how close to the departure time you are making the change.

    2. Fare Differences
    In addition to change fees, you may also need to pay any fare differences if the new flight is more expensive than your original booking. Ensure you understand these costs before confirming any changes.
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