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06/06/23 - 12:20 AM magebillion created a new post on Assignmentspro's profile.
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  • In the light-hearted game Eggy Car, the objective is to navigate winding roads while balancing an egg inside of a vehicle. When the egg is broken because it was dropped from your vehicle, the game is over. RIP! You can advance further if you collect power-ups along the way. Good luck and godspeed egg soldier.

    The game eggy car emphasizes the significance of fastening a seatbelt on one's egg whenever they are traveling. Sadly, the Eggy Car is a badly built automobile that does not meet the requirements for health and safety in the industry.

    Take care when adjusting the settings.
    This car is not only dangerous to drive, but the throttle and reverse are both quite touchy. In order to prevent humpty dumpty from flying out of the vehicle and breaking open on the road, you will need to handle the throttle with care.

    Top your previous best score.
    When the unavoidable egg-drop does take place, you will receive a score based on how far you made it before the egg's terrible end. This score will be displayed on the screen. Continue to play in an effort to outdo your previous score!

    join now here: https://eggycar.co
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