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05/16/24 - 07:40 AM Rachelcarlson created a new post.
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  • In the crypto niche businesses, an Initial coin offering is one of the wonderful concepts for fundraising for their unique crypto startups and ventures. Here we break down the concept of how ICO work

    • Project take part in the centre stage
    If a company or an entrepreneur is looking for an innovative idea to accumulate funds for their business they plan to launch their ICO. This process takes first, preparing a proper whitepaper that depicts the project goal, idea, technology usage, and how the funds raised will be used.

    • Token Creation Time
    The idea owner creates their digital token specifically for that concerned project. These ICO tokens are used for various purposes like priorly access opportunities to access their service, stake the ownership of the company or maybe even a utility within the project's ecosystem

    • Offering Opens
    Interested investors can able to purchase these newly created digital tokens using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum or platform-supported coins. Eventually, the price of digital tokens is determined by the company.

    • Build their business using a Fundraised amount
    Investors invested in entire cryptocurrencies from the ICO platform, and the project team will use the fund to develop their project in full-fledged.

    • Final Outcomes
    If the project succeeds in the crypto market from time to time, it gains a profitable path. Simultaneously, the token value gradually increases depending on the project's growth in the market.

    Here are the ways that the ICO process passes through the stages we will cover. If you are looking to build your own ICO platform for your business, then Maticz is the right ICO development solution for your crypto business.

    Know more: https://maticz.com/ico-development
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02/07/24 - 05:29 AM Rachelcarlson created a new post.
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  • The ranking of top-rated food delivery apps all around the world is subjective and depends on different user perspectives. It may vary every user to user. Here are some top-ranking leading food delivery mobile apps they are

    1. Uber Eats
    Uber Eats app is one of the world's most of the people using their daily-driver mobile apps for their utilities. This app user interface is clean and responsive for basic users. Also, this app is available in over 90+ countries and 6,000 cities, with real-time order tracking multiple payment features etc.

    2. Door Dash
    This food delivery app presence is dominant in Northern America with a user-friendly interface, multiple restaurant options with different dining features, exclusive partnerships with prominent restaurants and give discounts for frequently used users and free subscription plans.

    3. GrubHub
    GrubHub also provides a lot of cuisines for 4000+ cities in the United States and the United Kingdom. Also, it does not have a minimum order requirement to order your food, transparent delivery procedure, and avail targeted location cuisines and restaurants.

    4. Foodpanda
    Foodpanda is a Berlin-based food delivery company to provides its services mainly in Asia with promising timely delivery for our food ordering customers. like that Foodpanda also provides the major features of its mobile application.

    5. Slice
    Mostly Slice users have been pizza lovers because this app avails a wide range of Italian pizzas for our app users with top-tier restaurants. The most prominent service of this app is to deliver timely for their customer orders, and excellent helpful customer support, it available in 3,000+ cities

    If you till now confused about which app is the top food delivery app in the current scenario. We specifically figure out the apps in the current market. So it's helpful for your desired app to order your food and useful for entrepreneurs to build the same mobile app for their startup business.

    Know more: https://maticz.com/best-food-delivery-apps
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08/07/23 - 06:05 AM Rachelcarlson created a new post on Tesscasali08's profile.
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  • There are several ways you can market your fractional NFT marketplace. Here are a few ideas:

    1. Create social media accounts for your marketplace and regularly post updates, news, and interesting content related to NFTs and fractional ownership.

    2. Reach out to influencers, bloggers, and journalists in the NFT space and offer them exclusive access to your marketplace in exchange for coverage.

    3. Host webinars and events where you can showcase your marketplace and educate potential customers on the benefits of fractional ownership.

    4. Collaborate with other NFT marketplaces and platforms to cross-promote each other's offerings and increase visibility.

    5. Consider running targeted ads on social media and search engines to reach a wider audience.

    Remember to always focus on the unique benefits and value proposition of your marketplace when promoting it to potential customers. Good luck!

    Know more: https://maticz.com/fractional-nft-marketplace-development
    WhatsApp: +91 9384587998 (https://bit.ly/3oMODjT)
    Telegram: https://telegram.me/maticzofficial
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04/15/22 - 03:11 AM Rachelcarlson created a new post.
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  • In early 2020 march month was launched Solana blockchain. From that time to till now increased its market cap value increasing day by day. It aims to provide a crypto network in more scalable and speeder because it's used in the proof-of-history mechanism because it takes 400 millisecond block time and it is more user-friendly in a decentralization blockchain platform. From the user's point of view, Solana Blockchain Development has been provided by foremost services such as Dapps, Minting platform, Defi, and smart contracts. We have well proficient developers who have a guide to Solana blockchain development services related doubts are clarified with clear cut ideas for your business.

    Contact us - https://maticz.com/solana-blockchain-development
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04/15/22 - 12:08 AM Rachelcarlson created a new post.
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  • In the NFT Marketplace making platform, Ethereum dominates most of the markets in the blockchain sector but no some of them haven't known about polygon blockchain-based NFT Marketplace. This polygon Blockchain has powered up with a layer 2 scaling solution offering interoperability, scalability, security, and modularity with its competes Ethereum blockchain and easily Compatible blockchain network. The main spokable features of polygon NFT Marketplace development are the lower level of gas fee, more secure & transparent without compromising security. and enjoys full advantages of the Ethereum network. Utilize these features with the best polygon NFT Marketplace Development to establish your business.

    Get in touch: https://maticz.com/polygon-nft-marketplace-development

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