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  • I’m Looking to invest In this company I like it’s products and the diversity of its customer base let me know what you think?

    Johnson and Johnson sells its products to a range of customers across the consumer, healthcare and pharmaceutical markets. The Company’s three distinct operating segments have slightly different target markets:

    The Company’s Consumer segment markets its products to the general public and sells both to retail outlets, online retail chains, and distributors across the world;
    The Company’s Pharmaceutical segment sells its prescription medications directly to retailers, wholesalers, hospitals and health care professionals; and
    The Company’s Medical Devices segment sells its products to wholesalers, hospitals and retailers, physicians, eye care professionals, and specialist care clinics, including in the fields of orthopaedics, general surgery, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes care.
    Johnson and Johnson serves a global customers base. Its largest single market, however, is the US, which accounts for a little more than half of the Company’s total sales. Europe, and Asia Pacific and Africa are also significant markets for Johnson and Johnson products.
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