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10/26/21 - 01:11 AM Campbell_Carol created a new post.
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  • It is a good idea. Boron and graphene may be used together to develop new semiconductors that can constantly switch between different materials such as atomically thin metals and plastics. If we can find a way to change the material without interrupting the electrical current which enables the device to keep working, we could create devices where one side would constantly switch from metal to plastic or any other type of easily manipulated atomic-level material for use in computers and other electronics.

    Graphene can also be added to boron-based alloys to produce more durable, electrically conductive materials. The electrical properties of this material are tunable via tweaking the proportion of graphene that is added.

    You can give this website https://borates.today/graphene-boron/ a read to know if it’s worth combining the two strangest elements with each other or not.
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  • Anderson_Mark2248 - Boron has been shown to improve the electrical conductivity of graphene films, since boron is a semiconductor material. Combining boron and graphene seems like a very promising avenue for future study! However, there are not many studies in this field yet.
  • jessicaallen33 - Boron should be combined with graphene. This is because boron-based semiconductors are gradually substituting silicon due to the presence of other metalloids, primarily tellurium. Graphene has many unrealized potentials for use in solid-state physics research. Combinations of these two substances may provide ways to improve current devices or find new applications for boron based technology.
10/25/21 - 05:29 AM Campbell_Carol created a new post.
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  • Boron is an important material within the aerospace industry because it can be used as a protective lining for spacecraft. This substance also has the strength and chemical stability that makes it perfect for these levels of intense engineering.

    Boron's ability to protect materials from oxidation and erosion make it a great candidate for this use. It can't conduct electricity, making boron an excellent conductor for those who want to transport hazardous substances safely (like gases or chemicals). The moisture barrier properties of boron make it excellent as well at separating greases and oils from other substances like sugar or minerals, which can help clean up oil wells after an accident. Boron is also commonly found in fire extinguisher agent called ammonium borate.
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  • Anderson_Mark2248 - Boron is one of the most abundant elements on earth. It's commonly mixed with steel alloys, which are used to make many aerospace products, including aircraft parts and fuel lines. Boron is an element that doesn't oxidize or corrode spontaneously, meaning it can be exposed to atmosphere for an indefinite duration and still remain structurally sound and intact. Naturally, this makes boron a great material for use in aviation because it keeps our airplanes "hanging in there" longer before they need to land due to corrosion problems... making your flight more pleasant!
  • jessicaallen33 - I came across this website https://borates.today/boron-aerospace-defence/ which clearly illustrates the importance of boron even in heavy industries such as aerospace and clearly sticks with this topic only.
10/19/21 - 06:26 AM Campbell_Carol created a new post.
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  • Boron is often seen as earth's missing element. It all started when chemists noticed that the periodic table was not complete. They found it in an unlikely place, borax (of all places!).

    Boron can be used to make other materials like concrete and brake pads for better running. You get all your essential nutrition from this little bit of boron. Not to get too technical, but it's a mineral that builds strong bones and teeth.

    Also, boron is a naturally occurring element that some people eat through vegetables grown in boron-rich soil or, where it can be taken up by plants or eaten directly with cruciferous vegetables like broccoli.
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  • jessicaallen33 - why are you inclined towards boron only and what about the role played by other elements?? Don't be so niche.
  • Kimberly_Adams2320 - Also, boron helps to maintain the pH levels and helps to prevent algal bloom, for instance in seas and oceans, helps to grow corals and this is possible because of Calcium Carbonate. There are countless pros points to talk about boron!
  • davidgarcia27 - You should also highlight about more general issues such as malnutrition, if electric vehicles are safe to own or not and so on, and don't just stick to the environment part only, kinda diversify your blogs.
10/19/21 - 05:37 AM Campbell_Carol created a new post.
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  • Boron is a micronutrient that can potentially help you maintain nutrition during periods of famine. It helps in breaking down protein, magnesium and manganese which are essential for vitamin production and it may help boost your immune system so when one eventually breaks their hunger-stricken fast, the body won't experience an onslaught of illnesses and ailments!

    Boron is essential to healthy growth, with one study showing that it can help with both pregnancy and breastfeeding. Micronutrients are important for immune health.
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  • davidgarcia27 - Moreover, boron also helps with the process of pollination , and overall plant growth but cannot be soaked using the roots.
  • George851 - I came across this good article "borates today", where they have discussed about the role of boron as a micronutrient during famine in great detail. Must read! https://borates.today/boron-supply-developing/
10/18/21 - 03:58 AM Campbell_Carol created a new post.
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  • One might imagine that the electricity we use every day comes from an intricate system, but it’s actually something much simpler. A simple gust of wind can provide all the power one needs and even more.
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  • George851 - Moreover, wind power is a cheaper and more environmentally-friendly alternative to solar panels. You may read about it in detail on borates today.
  • Anderson_Mark2248 - The wind is a form of solar energy. When the sun warms our uneven surface, hot air rises and cool air settles which then causes winds with different speeds to blow across Earth's atmosphere.
  • davidgarcia27 - How come solar panels are not the best option for energy production?
  • George851 - Yes, the latest innovation of using wind turbines to produce electricity is a new and emerging trend in this modern era.
10/14/21 - 06:51 AM Campbell_Carol created a new post.
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  • Boron is like a little friend who always has our back. They make sure we're healthy and happy by helping out with every part of the body, from your heart to gut health.
    A great example would be how boron can help control harmful bacteria in food production facilities so everyone's safe while cooking at home too.
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  • George851 - It is recommended to consume boron in our everyday diet for stronger bones and healthy metabolism. Borates today shares a very interesting article on this.
  • davidgarcia27 - It also increases energy and decreases lethargy by regulating hormones. Also, boron is useful to environment by lowering carbon emissions.
  • George851 - Boron acts an antioxidant to help detoxify the body and improve immunity system.
  • jessicaallen33 - Boron, an important micronutrient is present in fruits and vegetables gives us strength to fight with bacterial diseases, fungal infections and other cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.
10/13/21 - 05:44 AM Campbell_Carol created a new post.
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  • 3D printing is an incredible technology that has just begun to be realized. It will take manufacturing and consumption in completely new directions, most notably for defense firms as well as aerospace companies who are looking into ways it could revolutionize their industries with this revolutionary form of mass production.
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  • Anderson_Mark2248 - Boron is one of the important element used in 3d printing during production and injection molding processing. Visit borates today to read in detail and understand better.
  • George851 - Yes, it is possible to manufacture objects of any shape, size or complexity. They use 2 basic techniques - stereolithography (SLA) and fused deposition modeling (FDM).
  • martinezcharles660 - Can we manufacture 3d objects of any shape, size? What type of techniques are used in this printing?
10/11/21 - 06:59 AM Campbell_Carol created a new post.
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  • Mining companies have long been criticized for their environmental impact. However, these large-scale operations are now in a race against time to cut greenhouse gas emissions before the international community adopts ambitious net-zero emission targets by 2050
    Mining is not only an industry that provides raw materials; it’s also one with high and often overlooked ecological costs which need to be addressed if we want our planet Earth to survive this climate change crisis!
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  • Kimberly_Adams2320 - Better for global standards on climate change and sustainability goals like Paris Agreement. Clearance of environmental risk due to exploration, mining, and discovery.
  • davidgarcia27 - When applied correctly, this will result in lower long-term costs for the company
  • smithjamess221 - It’s created by experts in sustainability and mining who've spent decades working together.
  • martinezcharles660 - The Boron Initiative is a comprehensive program that provides mining companies with an environmentally neutral, sustainable and profitable way to operate
10/08/21 - 06:44 AM Campbell_Carol created a new post.
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  • The role of boron in permanent magnets is an integral part of what makes them so powerful. When it comes to electric vehicles, there are many different types available with varying levels of efficiency but all containing this essential element for producing energy from magnetism.
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  • Kimberly_Adams2320 - Borons unique properties make it an instrumental element in the making of high-performance permanent magnets. Find more on “borates today”
  • smithjamess221 - With strong magnetic fields, boron helps in the creation of durable magnets that can hold up against external forces.
  • martinezcharles660 - Boron allows for stronger magnetic fields which are essential when creating permanent magnets.
10/08/21 - 02:47 AM Campbell_Carol created a new post.
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  • Boron’s use in Solar Panels? Solar panels use a semiconductor material to capture light and convert it into usable energy. Two different types of solar cells are used in these materials: amorphous silicon or thin-film deposition, but both require boron for the conversion process!
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  • smithjamess221 - Boron reduces carbon footprint thus, making our environment greener and cleaner. Borates today has an amazing explanation on this.
  • davidgarcia27 - Research shows that boron is less costly than any other way to increase the efficiency of silicon-based solar cells.
  • andrewjackson6626 - As a research scientist, you no longer need to buy new photovoltaic panels as often because boron extends its lifespan.
  • jenniferramirez3232 - Boron increases energy production by up to 40%. Increases long-term stability of solar cells and ensures they operate at full capacity for years.
10/07/21 - 06:47 AM Campbell_Carol created a new post.
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  • Boron is an essential mineral that has many functions in both plants and animals. It's possible you've heard of it, but where does this element come from?
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  • Kimberly_Adams2320 - Strengthens plant structures so they are less susceptible to wind damage from high winds or cold temperatures during the winter months.
  • Kimberly_Adams2320 - It is an essential mineral as it helps with seed formation, root development, pollen germination, transportation, fruits and flower production etc. Borates today will give you a detailed article on this.
  • jessicaallen33 - Boron is found in soil, root tips, new leaves and buds and it is required at every stage of growth.
10/05/21 - 06:28 AM Campbell_Carol created a new post.
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  • In order to have an efficient economy or successful business in any country around the world, reliable sources of electrical power generation must always be available.
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  • George851 - Hydroelectric dams and wind turbines are also the solution for such problems. Visit “borates today” to know every energy source in detail.
  • Anderson_Mark2248 - Solar panels are the inexpensive and clean renewable source of energy.
  • Kimberly_Adams2320 - Establish some nuclear power plants to encourage the use of waste materials along with reducing emission of CO2 gases.
10/05/21 - 02:51 AM Campbell_Carol created a new post.
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  • How do you keep your favorite clothes looking new?

    Well, with the Boron stain-fighting power it's possible. A recent study found that boron is an amazing natural remedy for a variety of different problems including keeping colors vibrant and washing machines working at their peak efficiency.
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  • davidgarcia27 - For more than centuries, borates have been used in a variety of household and industrial laundry detergent formulations.
  • jessicaallen33 - Not only clothes, this element is also used to clean metals, glass, sinks, bathtubs, toilets, floors, and machinery etc.
  • Anderson_Mark2248 - Along with this, it act as a biostat that helps controlling bacteria and fungi. Know more about it from "borates today"
10/05/21 - 02:48 AM Campbell_Carol created a new post.
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  • Permanent magnets are a great way to improve the performance of wind turbines. The extra force created by these powerful magnets can make it easier on your machine's generator, which will lead in turn increase its power output while decreasing downtime needs for repairs or replacement work!
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  • George851 - Wind turbines is a cost-effective solution to generate clean power. There is an article on "borates today" which explains its pros and cons.
  • martinezcharles660 - Eliminate the need for cooling systems and coils, resulting in a much quieter motor. Electric motors can last 3x as long due to permanent magnets and lack of moving parts.
  • andrewjackson6626 - Electrical powertrain cost is lowered by reducing copper windings. Makes permanent magnets stronger, more efficient, and long-lasting than electromagnets.
10/04/21 - 11:58 PM Campbell_Carol created a new post.
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  • The world of power sources has been a mystery to me.

    I'm not sure how they work or even what exactly are they capable off, but some people say that these efficient units can provide anything from renewable energy like solar panels-to fossil fuel alternatives such as coal plants.
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  • smithjamess221 - Boron is expected to be world largest electricity source by 2035....
  • George851 - It protects the environment, and help prevent climate change.
  • jessicaallen33 - True. Boron is the answer to all your energy needs. And not only this, it is useful in industries, homes, small businesses etc.
09/30/21 - 12:57 AM Campbell_Carol created a new post.
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  • Boron alloys are used to make steels that have high strength and low cost. Boron’s neutron absorption property makes it a great material for use in the nuclear industry, but it's also found in car manufacturing as an added strengthening element like around door frames or reclining seats on cars manufactured by European companies such as VOLKSWAGEN, Mercedes-Benz etc
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  • andrewjackson6626 - Read on borates today that boron steel results in wear protection that help resist deterioration over time.
  • jenniferramirez3232 - Boron is easy to handle, cut, and mold into desired shapes/shapes.
  • davidgarcia27 - Boron steel is highly durable and resistant to cutting.
09/29/21 - 02:37 AM Campbell_Carol created a new post.
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  • The Earth's climate is changing and it will have devastating effects on human beings. Some people deny the evidence, while others believe we're all doomed unless action is taken quickly to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels today. The truth of this issue can't be ignored any longer; let us work together so our future generations continue living in an inhabitable planet!
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  • George851 - Considerable savings in energy costs.
  • Kimberly_Adams2320 - Diversify your products and provide value to potential consumers with our product line Be a part of the sustainability movement across the world.
  • davidgarcia27 - Lower your carbon footprint as a business owner. Boron can be used in place of fossil fuels for power generation or even just be turned into borates which have many uses.
09/29/21 - 12:45 AM Campbell_Carol created a new post.
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  • Are Boron-carbon bacteria alive or are they just organic matter?
    The debate on this subject has been around for some time, but one thing is certain-bacteria do not seem to be living organisms.
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  • George851 - “Borate today” have a lot of article about boron from how it is found to its multiple application in various field like green energy, transportation, foods, fertilizers, detergent, etc.
  • davidgarcia27 - I think it’s an organic matter as boron is one of the most abundant elements on Earth, accounting for about 1% by weight.
  • Kimberly_Adams2320 - Discovering that bacteria cells have boron inside them opens up many questions about life on Earth and whether we are alone, giving us hope of finding intelligent life out there somewhere in the universe.
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