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10/27/21 - 05:05 AM jessicaallen33 created a new post.
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  • As per a study, for coral reefs to survive they need atleast 0.01mg/L of boron in their seawater. In reality, it is found either already pre-mixed with seawater or it is usuallly added alongside as a substitute for a fish tank, for example. Usually, it is required as a Calcium Carbonate or CaCO for the coral reefs to grow and survive in seas and oceans. It also acts a proper bredding ground for microorganisms living in such water floors such as planktonic organisms.

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  • davidgarcia27 - Boron also helps in maintaining the overall water temperature and promotes healthy growth of coral reefs.
  • Campbell_Carol - It is also important to change the water of our fish tanks frequently, otherwise not only the whole tank would smell badly, but some of the fish may also die.
  • Anderson_Mark2248 - Sounds interesting! I gotta tell my dad about this!
10/26/21 - 01:28 AM jessicaallen33 created a new post.
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  • It is widely known that malnutrition fueled the world war, but until recently it has not been studied. Boron deficiencies are often the roots of many health issues and malnourishment leads to people being forced into unhealthy situations due to lack of resources.

    At first glance, this may seem like an unrelated topic for a product, but malnutrition can cause mental instability leading some to make aggressive decisions in order to provide food for their families. Controlling boron deficiencies could be one way of preventing problems related to mental illness, crime rates, and more.

    You can read more about how boron can actively help in preventing malnutrition in children especially from the underpriviledge sections of the society from this website.

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  • Anderson_Mark2248 - Here's an interesting fact I would like to share about fizzy drinks! Bottles of fizzy drinks sold worldwide tend to have a high concentration of boron, a mineral important for helping fight malnutrition. Boron deficiency can contribute to major health problems such as heart disease and arthritis, so having the occasional drink is an easy way to maintain your essential daily boron intake as per a study.
  • jessicaallen33 - Boron is an essential mineral that can contribute to many bodily functions like growth, making up part of your bones and teeth. A boron deficiency may be the underlying cause for illnesses like restless leg syndrome because it affects your nervous system. If malnutrition during pregnancy were eliminated as a global public health problem by 2030, we could reduce warfare by 35%.
  • davidgarcia27 - Hypothetically speaking, if malnutrition caused world war, then having enough boron in your diet could prevent it. ;)
  • Campbell_Carol - Boron used to be a crucial mineral for our diets, but as wars raged across the globe, it’s use in fertilizers and pesticides changed. The result: we got so good at producing food that we lost an early warning system against malnutrition—a major reason for world war. We need boron now more than ever! Boron used to be a key factor in agriculture and infrastructure construction around the world- until it was banned because of its link with nuclear warfare. Recently though, countries have been lifting their bans on boron trade as evidence has accumulated that Boron may play a key role in combating global childhood hunger and preventing World War III.
10/21/21 - 05:32 AM jessicaallen33 created a new post.
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  • One of the fundamental properties of the element of boron is the ability to reduce/prevent radiation. It does this by reducing exposure which is further done by blocking or absorbing the gamma rays and neutrons coming from that radiation. Moreover, it has similar properties to silicon, which makes it a better choice for using it as a neutron absorbers in almost all nuclear plants around the world.
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  • drLisatorres - It is interesting to see how time has changed and is changing rapidly and with every new invention coming every second, it does raises few eyebrows as to how much effective boron is in controlling radiation.
  • Anderson_Mark2248 - It would surely help to save so many lives every second around the world, thanks to the constant ongoing advancements in science and technology!!
  • Campbell_Carol - It also acts as an “undercover agent” where it helps in treating diseases like cancer and during the process it effectively kills the tumor and corrects and binds the DNA structure together and further prevents cell multiplication. I found this from an article called “borates today”.
10/21/21 - 05:31 AM jessicaallen33 created a new post.
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  • We heard about some and not the most kinds of varieties of glass. Tempered glass, bullet-proof glass, these are some which we have heard about in movies and pretty much know about them, but have you ever heard about “borosilicate glass”, a type of glass made from using boron?

    It was relatively present for some decades around but, still it is relatively new and not many know about it. It is actually that type of glass that is meant to be extremely resistant to chemical corrosion and frequent thermal shocks and you can basically can’t break it! It is so so hard.

    You can read more about this interesting kind of invention about the new species of glass in this website.


    Must give it a try!
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  • drLisatorres - Now I don’t need to worry about my crockeries any more, come children, come to my house and I would literally give you the permission to throw away and mess around with whatever you want as long as it is “borosilicate”!!
  • Anderson_Mark2248 - This surely would help so many of our mums and wives seriously, who always worry about the food sticking to the pans and other utensils! A really great invention.
  • Campbell_Carol - Moreover, it is even more stronger than the tempered glass! So, don’t worry, the next time you are “trying” to break something made out of borosilicate glass!
10/21/21 - 05:28 AM jessicaallen33 created a new post.
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  • We all have a love and hate relationship with vegetables. When we like something, we often want to have it on spot and we would have it like immature children who have tried something for the very first time. At the same time, when we hate something, say a cauliflower, we would not even want it, neither at our plates, nor we even want to look at it! My point is if we want to stay healthy and life a better life, we should consume all the necessary nutrients, because if we casually give something a miss, we are going to suffer in the end.

    The element that we should consume is boron. It is an element that many may not know so much about, but it plays an important role in keeping us all fit and healthy. It helps to maintain the proper function of our brain and the nervous system, it also helps to keep our teeths and bones strong and healthy.

    You can give this website https://borates.today/boron-natural-foods/ a read to understand the benefits and the other roles boron plays to keep us safe and fit from various diseases and it does so much more!
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  • Anderson_Mark2248 - We should also consume them for reasons like if we are feeling work-drained, too sluggish and are unable to focus on our work and with low-boron diets, can lessen our cognitive function as well as reduced muscle power and strength.
  • Campbell_Carol - I think I should discuss about this with my mom someday and ask her if she could include it as part of my diet from now on!
10/21/21 - 05:24 AM jessicaallen33 created a new post.
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  • Not many are aware about this amazing fact that boron is extremely vital for coral reefs which are found deep beneath the oceans. This is because of the fact that it helps to maintain the overall p H levels in the ocean floors. It also helps to prevent unnecessary growth of certain algaes that can block the sunlight and prevent the process of photosynthesis.

    It also acts as a natural filtration system for the oceans, seawaters and even your own domestic fish tanks!

    You can refer to this website https://borates.today/boron-health-coral-reefs/ for more.
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  • Anderson_Mark2248 - Those coral reefs help to maintain as well as regulate the temperatures of these oceans and if they disappear, the whole ecosystem might collapse within days, that’s why it is important for us to act quickly!
  • Campbell_Carol - Coral reefs are already disappearing from so many places at an alarming rate that it’s time we start taking the issue of global warming very seriously, since the time has been running out pretty quickly.
10/18/21 - 05:11 AM jessicaallen33 created a new post.
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  • The future of clean energy is here. Hydrogen boron fusion (HBBF) reactors are small, safe and their limitless power can be generated by abundant fuels with no waste. This article tells you all about this new technology in a way that's easy for your readership level - even experts will enjoy reading it too so don't miss out on the insights these articles have to offer.
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  • George851 - The goal of decarbonization is an extremely ambitious one and we need all the help that renewable energies can provide.
  • Campbell_Carol - It is a great step towards creating an eco-friendly world where sustainable power can be generated from small nuclear reactors that produce no waste and use abundant fuel sources, all while being completely safe for human consumption or environmental usage.
10/13/21 - 06:04 AM jessicaallen33 created a new post.
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  • Boron is a mineral that many people don't know about. With the increasing demands and importance in society, it is more important to understand where boron comes from and what makes this element so valuable in different sectors like agriculture, construction, petrochemicals, electronics etc.
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  • andrewjackson6626 - Boron is a natural and essential mineral with several different uses in the automotive industry, electronics field as well as 3D printing. Borates today shares an interesting article on this.
  • Anderson_Mark2248 - Mining for boron has been an issue over the last few years, but there are solutions available now that will help mining companies increase productivity and reduce losses due to equipment breakdowns. You may refer an article on borates today for the same.
  • davidgarcia27 - Though its extraction is difficult and expensive, but it can be mined from earth through mining techniques such as open-pit mining or strip mining.
  • jenniferramirez3232 - Like other minerals, can we mine boron from earth?
  • George851 - Boron naturally occurs in soil and it is found in fruits, vegetables, almonds etc. that help to fight us with the number of diseases.
10/12/21 - 04:23 AM jessicaallen33 created a new post.
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  • It's no secret that the world population is rapidly growing. The question on everyone's mind, including mine -how will this affect food supplies?
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  • George851 - If you want a secure future for yourself as well as those around you it's important that we start now. Visit borates today that has an amazing article on food security.
  • Campbell_Carol - The world may seem like an unstoppable force but there are still ways in which people can make changes- such is creating more sustainable sources of calories through organic farming or changing your diet into one high on vegetables.
  • Anderson_Mark2248 - If population continue at their current rate then there won't be enough resources available by then even for humans. This will impact our current food system regarding the production and distribution of available resources.
10/11/21 - 07:00 AM jessicaallen33 created a new post.
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  • Platinum is an excellent catalyst for catalysis due to its ability to form bonds with hydrocarbons by covalent interactions. Boron can enhance the catalytic performance of supported platinum in dehydrogenative and metathesis reactions, extending active surface area while also increasing reactivity through promotion at lower concentrations than many other promoters that do not work as well on their own
    Boron-based materials are useful because they're more efficient when used simultaneously alongside other chemical species such as oxygen or noble gases such as helium which enables them to regulate temperature during a process without affecting hydrogen evolution rate (HER) – this means we could use less energy!
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  • Campbell_Carol - The use of products is a recent development in catalytic process design which has seen commercial success as well as academic attention with the researchers working on USP-grade hydrogen peroxide production by hydrolysis of peracetic acid. Learn more on “borates today”.
  • drLisatorres - Boron's compounds are not affected by pH levels, making them more versatile than other compounds
  • smithjamess221 - Boron additives will promote platinum activity while maintaining selectivity. Protects from loss of selected products and an enormous increase of coke formation.
10/08/21 - 06:43 AM jessicaallen33 created a new post.
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  • So, what exactly is a permanent magnet?
    Permanent magnets are pieces of metal with certain properties that make them so useful. In the case of electric vehicles and their powertrains to spin freely without any moving parts or friction from oil seals used in other drive trains because they use electricity instead!
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  • Campbell_Carol - The motor doesn't need a huge power supply or a cooling system like others which leads to increased efficiency
  • George851 - Put the magnets in places that could not accommodate another type of materials because it is easy to replace
  • smithjamess221 - Magnetic motors are lighter than other types, cutting down on weight for electric vehicles
10/07/21 - 06:38 AM jessicaallen33 created a new post.
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  • Food insecurity is an issue that the world faces today. We all want to make sure everyone has access, but how can we do this when prices are reaching epic heights and our population continues expanding?
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  • davidgarcia27 - The goal of food security is to provide people with enough calories, protein and vitamins so that they can lead a healthy lifestyle. This could be achieved on an individual level by increasing domestic production, importing from other producers (both domestically and internationally) or decreasing demand for certain types of foods like meat. Read more about it on “borates today”.
  • martinezcharles660 - In order meet this need we need effective ways of production as well as sustainable methods when possible
10/06/21 - 06:28 AM jessicaallen33 created a new post.
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  • A well-balanced ecosystem is vital for the environment and all its inhabitants. Micronutrients are important in this regard, as they help plants grow healthy foods that can support life on earth.
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  • drLisatorres - Micronutrients promote healthy immune system with healthy heart and circulatory system. Visit “borates today” to know more in detail.
  • davidgarcia27 - According to the FDA, "Micronutrients are needed in small amounts but provide wide-ranging beneficial effects on human and plant health." They supply a variety of helpful nutrients for our bodies that can be obtained from either dietary changes or supplements.
10/05/21 - 02:15 AM jessicaallen33 created a new post.
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  • Boron is an essential plant nutrient that can be found in fertilizers, water sources and as a soil additive. It has many advantages for the agriculture industry such as increasing crop yields, quality & nutritional value - boron also stabilizes pH levels of soil making it possible to combat diseases or pest infestations which are common among plants grown with less than optimum amounts; keeping them free from harmful toxins like C02oxidation products (methanethiol). Farmers should take steps towards maintaining healthy.
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  • Campbell_Carol - Boron is a versatile product learn more on “borates today” about the usefulness of boron for healthy crops.
  • smithjamess221 - Boron deficiency also leads to a reduction of the plant’s ability to fight off pests and diseases. Add borax fertilizer, crushed eggshells, or other methods that provide boron.
  • martinezcharles660 - Boron is an essential nutrient for plants. Plants deficient in boron have stunted growth or produce small fruits
10/04/21 - 06:17 AM jessicaallen33 created a new post.
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  • Borates are everywhere! From your skin and hair care products, to toothpaste or hand-washing powders boron is an ingredient that's hardy enough for anything you can throw at it.
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  • Campbell_Carol - Studies also shows that boron has major anti-aging qualities.
  • Anderson_Mark2248 - Get boron in your food to help with weight management, sleep benefits, or eye health. Read more about it on “borates today” .
  • davidgarcia27 - It's pH-friendly to sensitive skin.
  • Kimberly_Adams2320 - It's more safe than other chemicals like fluorides and sulfates.
10/04/21 - 04:39 AM jessicaallen33 created a new post.
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  • What could be holding back the discovery of nuclear fusion on Earth?
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  • Kimberly_Adams2320 - Please visit “borates today” to know more in detail.
  • davidgarcia27 - Is it like the containment of plasma is crucial to nuclear fusion reactions? Please tell me more about it.
  • Kimberly_Adams2320 - It's definitely not heat that is stopping this from happening, instead it has been a process called plasma confinement.
10/01/21 - 07:08 AM jessicaallen33 created a new post.
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  • Borates have been used in the automotive industry for decades. They are now being sought out by carmakers as a way of preventing corrosion. Most passenger automobiles contain a mixture that is 50% water and antifreeze for this purpose; they work by removing heat from internal combustion engines with it, which will help them build more efficient engines and reduce fuel consumption.
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  • jenniferramirez3232 - @drLisatorres this website is very interesting… This element seems to be versatile with various uses in different areas like detergent, electricity, solar panel, wind turbines, etc
  • drLisatorres - Does not corrode your car, garden hose, or anything else it comes in contact with... visit borates today for more info on boron and its compounds.
  • smithjamess221 - It also protects our environment with fewer pollutants and toxic ingredients that can harm us or other living beings.
  • Campbell_Carol - Boron is a safer solution to traditional antifreeze which helps avoid corrosion in your automotive system.
10/01/21 - 07:05 AM jessicaallen33 created a new post.
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  • How does Boron-carbon help in treating bacterial growth?
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  • davidgarcia27 - It is said to be not invasive and there are no side effects as per the article i read on borates today.
  • Kimberly_Adams2320 - Supplementation will increase helpful gut bacteria which makes it more difficult for bad gut bacteria to survive
  • Campbell_Carol - The Boron Pack helps to eliminate bad gut bacteria
10/01/21 - 07:05 AM jessicaallen33 created a new post.
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  • What do you think about the actions need to be taken on improving earth’s resources in a smart way while reducing air pollution from traditional fossil fuel sources?
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  • Campbell_Carol - And will also promote sustainability in the world. If the question is how, visit “borates today” for a better explanation.
  • Campbell_Carol -
  • Kimberly_Adams2320 - Not only it will protect the environment, but will help to save money of fuel expenses.
  • davidgarcia27 - True. If this technology is implemented correctly then we could be living better lives with cleaner air where there isn't any worry when going outside.
  • George851 - A technology that has been gaining momentum over recent years is energy technology. There's an endless amount of potential applications for this: solar power generation; wind turbines or even wave devices.
09/30/21 - 03:49 AM jessicaallen33 created a new post.
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  • Magnets used in Wind Turbines- Some people think that magnets are just for decoration, but they also have a special place in the industry. One of these is as permanent brakes to stop turbines from turning when there's too much wind and torque force on them; this can cause damage or injury if not fixed quickly enough!
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  • andrewjackson6626 - Permanent magnet electric motors last longer than electromagnets, which means that the blades of a turbine will turn at a steady pace day after day.
  • drLisatorres - Permanent magnets create less work for designers because they can easily change shape and size to suit different applications.
  • jenniferramirez3232 - Boron motors are more efficient than traditional wind turbines. Borates today have more info about boron and its uses in wind turbines.
09/29/21 - 02:55 AM jessicaallen33 created a new post.
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  • Copper is known to be a great element used in various forms of renewable energy. The world is in need of more such elements which can help reduce the carbon effect in the environment.
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  • Kimberly_Adams2320 - In addition to being used as an electricity conductor, copper has been implemented successfully across different industries including transportation and technology with its sustainability benefits becoming more apparent every day.
  • George851 - Copper is a precious metal found in the rotary engine of wind turbines, converting kinetic energy into electrical power. It's not just any old conductive material - it also has incredible durability so you can be sure this stuff will last for generations!
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