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10/26/21 - 03:33 AM Kimberly_Adams2320 created a new post.
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  • "New metal is created when two or more metals are mixed together to make new metal. 

    Boron will not corrode because of its low reactivity with other elements. Without protection from the corrosive nature of their environment, firearms would rust or become less effective, and this property makes it an excellent choice for that.

    It can't be used on its own but can be made into other metals such as aluminum and steel which makes it a very valuable material. The military, dentistry, construction materials, and food and beverage industries are some of the industries that use them. It is used in many ways to help lower the rate of corrosion."
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  • George851 - Metal reacts with oxygen and water. This causes oxidation and rusting.
  • davidgarcia27 - Alloys have unique characteristics compared to pure metals. They may also contain impurities like carbon, sulfur, phosphorus, etc. These impurities change how alloys behave.
  • Campbell_Carol - When you mix different types of metal they create a new type of metal called an alloy. The alloy has properties similar to both parent metals.
10/26/21 - 03:33 AM Kimberly_Adams2320 created a new post.
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  • Corrosion is a problem for many industries and can be caused by different factors, such as atmospheric conditions or humidity. One of the best ways to combat corrosion in industrial settings would be with boron which has high melting point properties that make it an excellent choice against corrosion while also being hard enough so it will not chip easily when hit with another object on purpose too, making this mineral perfect for protection from outside elements like water! https://borates.today/boron-nickel-anti-corrosion/
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  • George851 - Corrosion is caused by a number of factors, such as atmospheric pollution and salt in the atmosphere. Types include water corrosion, chemical corrosion, galvanic corrosion and temperature-induced corroding. Water Corrosiveness Chemical Corrosiveness Galvanic Corrosiveness Temperature-Induced Corrossion
  • davidgarcia27 - What are some common types of corrosion?
  • Campbell_Carol - Boron is used in industry because of its ability to protect metal surfaces from corrosion. It does this through forming protective layers over metals. This layer prevents oxygen atoms from reaching the surface of the metal. The more boron there is at the surface, the thicker the layer becomes.
10/20/21 - 03:50 AM Kimberly_Adams2320 created a new post.
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  • Boron plays an important role in the growth of plants, acting as a catalyst for other elements necessary for plant development. Many fertilizers include boron to promote plant growth, but only when the soil's boron levels are too low.

    Fertilizing with boron-based compounds is considered best practice during planting and at pre-harvest intervals. For outlying production areas where soils are known to be deficient in natural resources that are meant to be provided by fertilizer application, adding chemical fertilizers or slow release fertilizers is often better than outright neglecting the land.

    Boron deficiencies can lead not only to stunted growth but also show physical weaknesses which make it more susceptible to various diseases.
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  • Anderson_Mark2248 - Wow, without boron, life wouldn't have been almost possible on this planet! Damn......
10/20/21 - 02:46 AM Kimberly_Adams2320 created a new post.
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  • The economics of Boron production is a constantly fluctuating institution. Few aspects of society are as economically unstable or constantly changing, both in terms of the role boron has and the dependence on it from society. '

    It is an element that exists naturally in the environment and can only be mined from borate deposits, but these need to be located and processed before it can be harvested and sold for use as a chemical or pharmaceutical product. Here are some of the economics driving the Boron industry:

    -"Circular economy" investing may promote sustainability over traditional sourcing techniques like mining.

    -Supply vs demand (e.g. if demand rises because of a particular company, global supply gets taken down)

    -Textile chemicals frequently containing borates, prices affected by internet net sales & competition from China.

    You can refer to this article called “borates today”, where everything about the economic dynamics related to boron production has been explained in more simplistic terms. Must read!

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10/17/21 - 08:57 AM Kimberly_Adams2320 created a new post.
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  • The boron atom can create a range of materials and alloys that are important for projects in the Aerospace industry.

    Due to their similar boiling points, the element tends often forms with other metals like aluminium or titanium.

    This causes them to be stronger than steel but still tough enough not to rust over time even when exposed under harsh conditions such as oxygen atmosphere inside an aeroplane cabin where there's lots of atmosphere pressure (Oxygen). Check out https://borates.today/boron-aerospace-defence/ to know more about boron.
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  • jenniferramirez3232 - Boron's ability to withstand extreme temperatures without melting or becoming brittle makes this an ideal material when designing parts that are exposed over time.
  • drLisatorres - Some specific benefits that can be achieved by using boron include providing greater resistance against corrosion due to its highly impermeable oxide layer; making parts become lighter because containing less density.
  • andrewjackson6626 - Boron is used in engine oils, hydraulic fluids, skin coatings on turbine blades that have become brittle because of oxidation, sealants for tanks containing high-pressure hydrogen gas.
10/16/21 - 09:55 AM Kimberly_Adams2320 created a new post.
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  • The global energy crisis is real, ongoing and in fact, it's getting worse. The primary cause of this problem? Our reliance on non-renewable sources produces carbon emissions that have created climate change.

    But even renewable energies like nuclear power have limitations when you need large quantities or long term storage solutions!

    Fusion Energy: Hydrogen Boron Fusion aims to create a new source for clean safe reliable electricity using laser technology-- you can find detailed information about Hydrogen-Boron fusion on https://borates.today/hydrogen-boron-fusion/
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  • smithjamess221 - The hydrogen-boron fusion reactor will be completely sustainable providing less environmental impact, generating far fewer radioactive products during its operation, and producing no greenhouse gases whatsoever.
  • andrewjackson6626 - Not only is the construction cost of such a reactor minimal, but the materials required in its operation are also abundant making it an attractive option to developing countries that face problems with their supply lines for other forms of energy.
  • drLisatorres - Building and maintaining a hydrogen-boron fusion reactor will be significantly less expensive than building and operating a typical nuclear power plant.
10/14/21 - 05:42 AM Kimberly_Adams2320 created a new post.
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  • Does boron pose a risk to humans?
    Boron is essential for the creation and maintenance of healthy cells, so it's no wonder people take in about 1-3 mg each day as part of their diets. However recent studies show that despite its safety among scientists doing research into plants' cellular makeup.
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  • andrewjackson6626 - Boron is a vital nutrient for your body. Boron may have beneficial effects on bone strength and lowering the risk of fractures.
  • martinezcharles660 - Boric Acid Poisoning has no correlation with cancer
  • smithjamess221 - Boron and boric acid are safe to use around pets and kids. Low toxicity means less risk of injury from inhalation or ingestion
10/13/21 - 07:11 AM Kimberly_Adams2320 created a new post.
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    The military needed to design an aircraft that is strong and lightweight. They came up with innovative ideas using boron fibres which greatly reduced weight while maintaining strength so it would not break under pressure like other materials do when flying wing designs combat demanding conditions such as high altitudes where temperature changes can cause expansion or contraction of air masses depending
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  • davidgarcia27 - • This material balances strength and weight so airlines have lighter planes=lower fuel costs. Read more about boron on “borates today”.
  • smithjamess221 - A new material, boron fibre has been developed specifically to use in aircraft parts.
  • martinezcharles660 - Boron batteries are the first line of defence for high-risk environments.
10/11/21 - 06:57 AM Kimberly_Adams2320 created a new post.
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  • The oil and gas industry are one of the most polluting in our world today. It includes everything from exploration to distribution, transportation by tanker or pipeline, refining into different products like fuel oils that are then used for cars (petrol) but also other things such chemicals needed for farming soil with fertilizers which emit greenhouse gases when they break down due to natural processes inside an organism’s body called metabolism-respiration cycle; this happens because these types of bodies don't get rid themselves quickly enough so over time more will build up than usual.
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  • Campbell_Carol - Decarbonization is a process of planning and implementing actions that aim to remove carbon from the environment.
  • drLisatorres - It includes everything from exploration to distribution, transportation by tanker or pipeline, refining into different products like fuel oils that are then used for cars (petrol) but also other things such chemicals needed for farming soil with fertilizers which emit greenhouse gases when they break down.
  • George851 - Oil and Gas companies have caused a vast amount of pollution to our environment, including air pollution, land pollution, water pollution. There are many ways that we can reduce the impact these industries have on us as well as the environment. One way is by using renewable energy sources such as solar power which does not cause any type of air or water pollutants.
10/08/21 - 06:42 AM Kimberly_Adams2320 created a new post.
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  • It’s amazing to think that this small, hard-to-see element lives alone and creates its own life all by itself. Boron carbons bonds are classified under nonliving organisms mostly because it shares so many properties with other “living” things like bacteria or fungi - including the fact there is no natural predator of these critters!
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  • Anderson_Mark2248 - These critters don't produce their own food like plants do, but they use other living things to make the chemicals it needs to grow
  • jessicaallen33 - It’s a crucial building block for many of our favorite foods, donuts and cocoa beans included!
  • smithjamess221 - Yes. Boron is usually found combined with other elements, including carbon, to form either borates or boric acid.
10/08/21 - 06:42 AM Kimberly_Adams2320 created a new post.
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  • The study of microorganisms has always been an exciting field to explore for new discoveries. Researchers have now found evidence that suggests these tiny little creatures are more than just dead cells but actually alive! The findings come from two different techniques used in analyzing bacterial samples and they both returned positive results with carbon-boron bonds being observed among other things such as energy production processes which suggest the possibility of life on Earth or elsewhere.
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  • Anderson_Mark2248 - Microorganisms could provide a potential lifeline for life on Earth which means they would become an invaluable commodity in the future of science.
  • jessicaallen33 - Even if there isn't life on other planets or Earth, this is inspiring to those who study microorganisms because now they have evidence that these tiny little creatures might actually be capable of producing carbon-boron bonds and other processes like energy production.
  • smithjamess221 - Researchers have found evidence that suggests these tiny little creatures are more than just dead cells but actually alive!
10/08/21 - 03:53 AM Kimberly_Adams2320 created a new post.
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  • Boron is the key to efficient power sources. Without it, your electric bill will skyrocket and you'll have less money for food or gasoline!
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  • Anderson_Mark2248 - Boron is a rare element that is mined from the earth. An efficient power source for our homes would not be possible without it!
  • davidgarcia27 - True. It's time to invest in our future by making safe and reliable energy for homes, businesses, and industries
  • George851 - Boron is a powerful mineral that's found in many things. It can be used to reduce static cling, protect against corrosion and encourage the growth of new cells. Read more about it on “borates today”
  • davidgarcia27 - It also helps with efficient power sources because boron-rich compounds are environmentally friendly - they don't release any harmful emissions or create waste products during use like coal does when burning at high temperatures.
  • jessicaallen33 - A lot people don’t know what boron does but they should because this mineral has been proven in many studies over time as an affordable way to increase efficiency.
10/08/21 - 03:49 AM Kimberly_Adams2320 created a new post.
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  • The rare earth magnets are an important part of many industries. They make it possible for us to have advancements in technology such as medicine and renewable energy production because, without them, we would not be able to use powerful neodymium magnets that produce strong magnetic fields which can help with motors too! But these wonder materials also come in handy when you need extra force while doing your hobbies like crafts or modeling - just attach two pieces using one super-strong magnetically force will do the trick every time.
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  • Anderson_Mark2248 - Increase productivity using powerful neodymium magnets
  • George851 - Some people think that governments started mining rare earth for electronics after seeing things like lighters and mobile phones become obsolete; but others say that mining is just a conspiracy theory.
  • Campbell_Carol - Every day life is made better with rare earth magnets!
  • Anderson_Mark2248 - The rare earth magnets are a part of most industries. A few examples of industries where they play a role include medical, energy, scientific research and automotive. To know more you may refer to borates today,
10/08/21 - 02:39 AM Anderson_Mark2248 created a new post on Kimberly_Adams2320's profile.
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  • How does the use of borates in digital technologies affect you?
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  • smithjamess221 - Boron provides high quality images and videos in televisions.
  • Kimberly_Adams2320 - Yes. Electronic circuit boards also need boron-containing materials such as boric acid or sodium tetraborate decahydrate (borax) during their construction process. You can read more about it on “borates today”.
  • davidgarcia27 - If I’m not wrong TFT Glass that is found in flat-screen display panels for televisions, computer monitors, smartphones, and other mobile devices.
  • jessicaallen33 - Borates are integral for the performance and practical manufacture of TFT glass.
10/07/21 - 06:55 AM Kimberly_Adams2320 created a new post.
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  • A hard disk drive is a delicate and essential piece of technology in our modern world. When you save information onto your computer with it, the data is recorded by the magnetizing and demagnetizing thin film on an aluminum or iron plate that resides inside of most desktop computers today- this process creates strong magnets when energized through an electromagnetic field (EMF). The head crafts itself from ferrite wrapped cord coil to write crucial details about how processes move up each level which reaches their final destination; all while recording everything we do at any given time!
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  • George851 - It's important to establish a baseline of what your current hardware setup is. There are two basic types of hard drives, mechanical and solid state. Which is the best option for you will depend on how you plan on using it most often. Maintenance can be done by an expert or oneself, depending on which type it is that has failed.
  • Campbell_Carol - What will happen when it's time to upgrade or repair your hard drive and find out that you need a new one because this one is dead?
  • Anderson_Mark2248 - Prevent from losing all of those precious memories due to broken machinery - Avoid expensive data recovery fees. Save time and money on the plate examinations, the fixing process, as well as on electric bills!
10/07/21 - 03:24 AM Kimberly_Adams2320 created a new post.
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  • Why is it that plants grown in boron-deficient soils often produce stunted leaves?
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  • jessicaallen33 - Some crops are very sensitive to limit of boron as it is required for respiration, transportation and fruit and flower formation. And thus, its deficiency leads with stunted leaves.
  • drLisatorres - Boron is the most essential mineral for the growth of plants. They require this element for every process, such as respiration, transportation, germination and production of fruits, flowers etc. Borates today will explain you more about this
  • davidgarcia27 - A poor Boron supply can lead to a plant’s inability to produce proteins that are essential for growth.
  • martinezcharles660 - A lack of this mineral can result in deformed or dwarfed growth, which has a significant effect on the overall effectiveness and healthiness of your garden.
10/05/21 - 06:25 AM Kimberly_Adams2320 created a new post.
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  • Boron is a key element in the production of fuels for power generation. However, it also has many other industrial applications as well. Some common ones include construction and steelmaking processes where borates are used to improve their heat resistance or increase strength by approximately 10%.
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  • jenniferramirez3232 - These products are both helpful during construction work and require less maintenance than their nonchemical counterparts because they won't break down over time like regular windows do if left unpainted by rainwater etc.
  • jessicaallen33 - One such use of boron in the industry occurs when it's combined with steel - this produces the additive-grade material called refractory bricks or "fireproof" glass respectively. Read more on “borates today”.
  • George851 - Boron is a chemical element that can be used to make fuels for power generation. It has several other industrial applications, too!
10/05/21 - 03:10 AM Kimberly_Adams2320 created a new post.
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  • Borates are a great way to enhance the durability of buildings by making them more resistant against natural disasters or seismic activity. Their chemical properties help them protect from corrosion, too.
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  • jessicaallen33 - Boron also provides clean and efficient sources for power generation.
  • Campbell_Carol - Boron promotes healthy living because it reduces air pollution and can be used to purify water. Find more about it on “borates today”
  • davidgarcia27 - And so, boron is the essential element providing building materials for construction. They are non-combustible and will not accelerate the spread of fire.
10/05/21 - 03:08 AM Kimberly_Adams2320 created a new post.
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  • With its ability to protect against corrosion, borate is an important mineral for high-strength alloys.
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  • jenniferramirez3232 - Borates are used in our everyday lives from a computer to the buildings we live in. It is the reason for our healthy development of body. Find deep information about it on "borates today"
  • George851 - Borates when paired with steel it can provide increased protection from wear and tear
  • Anderson_Mark2248 - Borates are also used to store energy such as electrical energy in capacitors.
10/05/21 - 03:05 AM Kimberly_Adams2320 created a new post.
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    The use of boron as a solar panel insulator has been found to increase energy production by at least 15%.
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  • jenniferramirez3232 - Its applications aren't restricted here. Boron helps in agriculture, mining, transportation, decarbonization, urbanization. Know more about it from "borates today"
  • davidgarcia27 - Boron helps to concentrate solar heat, increases the lifespan of wind turbines, improves the efficiency of turbine generators.
  • jessicaallen33 - Energy sources like boron can meet global needs if we optimize them more, a growing population means we need to increase our energy efficiency.
  • George851 - Borax products help to enable solar and wind technologies. Boron is environmentally sustainable and creates jobs for communities.
10/04/21 - 05:37 AM Kimberly_Adams2320 created a new post.
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  • The global population is expanding at an alarming rate, with most of this growth happening in cities that results in industries to suffer. It also affects food security and air quality among many other things.

    Maintaining our environment can seem like too much responsibility when there are so few people taking care about how they'll shape their own futures...but it's important because if we don't try then one day everything could change overnight- including you!
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  • George851 - Moreoever, we need to control the population growth and food production rate to ensure everyone gets quality assured food. Read more about it on “borates today”
  • Anderson_Mark2248 - Public health is increasingly compromised as we continue down this path unchecked. So, it’s time that we understand and take some actions before anything goes wrong. For this, we need to decarbonize.
09/30/21 - 02:33 AM Kimberly_Adams2320 created a new post.
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  • Boron nitride is a material that drastically reduces power loss in high-efficiency heat-producing devices.
    It has no bandgap, so it cannot emit light when excited by an energy source like silicon carbide (SiC). However, its excellent thermal conductivity properties make boron nitride useful for adding onto other materials with smaller gaps between layers such as SiC or GeS2 because more efficiently transfer heat can be achieved through conduction instead of convection alone; this allows us to create better-performing power converting and generating systems which generate less waste.
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  • andrewjackson6626 - The high-efficiency ratio and reduced cost for this new material could make it commercially feasible to use in various industries such as electronics cooling & air conditioning.
  • martinezcharles660 - Boron is 20% more efficient at room temperature when zigzagging with lower cost than current technology.
  • George851 - Boron is comparable to graphene and theoretically higher in thermal conductivity.
09/29/21 - 02:12 AM Kimberly_Adams2320 created a new post.
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  • To decarbonize a material means to lower the amount or intensity of carbon in it by burning less fossil fuel, which frees up greenhouse gases. The main purpose is for global temperature regulation and sustainable development with increased use of renewable sources like wind power; all working towards cleaner air as well-being on Earth!
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  • George851 - Develop breakthrough technologies with the potential to deliver carbon neutral steelmaking pathway.
  • davidgarcia27 - Boron delivers carbon-neutral steelmaking. Invest in such technologies that could deliver reductions in steelmaking carbon intensity.
09/29/21 - 12:15 AM Kimberly_Adams2320 created a new post.
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  • Boron is an essential mineral that can be found in many foods, but it's also important for humans to take supplements. The role of boron as a human health supplement has been researched extensively and there seems to be no shortage of evidence when it comes out on top!
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  • Campbell_Carol - Read on “borate today” which states that boron helps in regulate metabolism, maintain a healthy weight and blood sugar levels
  • jessicaallen33 - It also helps with balancing hormone levels
  • George851 - Boron prevent the signs of osteoporosis from occurring
09/28/21 - 04:16 AM Kimberly_Adams2320 created a new post.
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  • The aquarium is a closed system where you have to buffer the normal seawater. There are tap and UV filters that help keep chemicals from reaching your tank, but it's important for people newbies who don't know any better or experience with different types of fish tanks before they get an set up of their own filtration routine like saltwater changes every week depending on how much time we happen upon uneaten food particles floating around which can lead towards deadly diseases if left unchecked by regular cleaning sessions otherwise known as quarantine tanks!
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  • davidgarcia27 - Yeah, keeping a clean aquarium is vital to maintaining a healthy environment.
  • drLisatorres - You can easily create a beautiful aquarium that will be bursting with life and color. Coral reefs may not survive if these nutrients are depleted from the water column.
  • George851 - No need to worry about your whole house filtering system because one small bottle of Boron will do it for you. A safe, effective, time-tested product that is inexpensive
  • davidgarcia27 - Boron protects coral reefs and all life in the ocean from high doses of boron by buffering against them says “borates today”.
  • smithjamess221 - Boron will buffer the water at a level of 1mg/L for 3+ years before needing an additional boost. You can learn more about boron and its usefulness for coral on “Borates today”.
09/28/21 - 01:17 AM Kimberly_Adams2320 created a new post.
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  • Borates help in the various processes of construction, from making concrete stronger and fireproofing masonry to brick laying. It's also a part of many other things like cosmetics and pharmaceutical products while some even use it for painting or electroplating solutions.
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  • jenniferramirez3232 - It is used for fireproofing of buildings and furniture as well. It is still used in the manufacture of leather, paper, felt hats and some pesticides.
  • smithjamess221 - Well, it is used in various processes of construction from making concrete stronger and fireproofing masonry to brick laying.
  • andrewjackson6626 - Yes! Along with this, it is used for domestic water supply treatment, agricultural runoff management, construction materials recycling, tank cleaning chemicals etc.
  • martinezcharles660 - Truly said. Boron is also used for steel reinforcement and insulation
  • martinezcharles660 -
  • George851 - Borates are used in wide range of products, borates today will give you vast knowledge on boron and borates.
09/28/21 - 12:53 AM Kimberly_Adams2320 created a new post.
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  • The energy management system is a way of helping the building's systems work more efficiently. It makes sure that when one part slows down, other parts don't come to a halt which can lead you to problems with your electric bill as well as other factors such as temperature rises or drops since it affects everything else around us including air conditioners having less power because they're all working together behind our scenes just like engine compartment on the car where various components join forces for optimum performance without letting anything get left out.
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  • jenniferramirez3232 - Boost efficiency and save money with energy management system
  • smithjamess221 - This is because there are many elements that will not be able to work efficiently when one component encounters a problem.
  • George851 - Energy management will help you lower emissions and increase productivity.
  • martinezcharles660 - In the energy management system, there are two main components: the building automation system and the demand response program. The building automation system is responsible for handling all of the various systems in a commercial or industrial facility, including heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), lighting, security cameras. The demand response program handles communication with utility providers to make sure that buildings use their resources wisely.
09/28/21 - 12:49 AM Kimberly_Adams2320 created a new post.
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  • Boron is a fascinating product in its own right and here at Borons we want to make it clear that boron should be included in the list of rare earth minerals. Scientific studies show that boron does many of the same things as these other elements!
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  • jenniferramirez3232 - Boron is the next big thing in the rare earth mineral market.
  • smithjamess221 - Boron has a unique mix of properties.
  • martinezcharles660 - Boron is used in all kinds of things. Like paint, fiberglass, pottery glazes, metal working fluids and more, borates today updates you on all the benefits of boron
09/28/21 - 12:43 AM Kimberly_Adams2320 created a new post.
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  • Many Asian countries have been making progress in terms of renewable energy adoption for years. These innovations contribute to decreasing prices for solar panels which allows more people across the continent to opt into sustainable, clean sources like wind and nuclear power when they decide on how their electricity will be generated from now on - all while saving money through conservation policies or constructing new plants with these technologies!
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  • jenniferramirez3232 - Boron is a novel, ultra-lightweight material that allows the construction of many different types of novel, lightweight fusion reactors. borates today will keep you updated on more such information.
  • smithjamess221 - As a result of this, technologies like solar panel and wind turbine energy continue to decline in cost as their efficiency increases!
  • George851 - Popular renewable energy sources have made huge leaps forward in terms of affordability and technological innovation.
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