This is the work behind the 12756 km high monument. The construction is set for completion before year 3000.

  • I received an email from you, is it legit?
  • We only send you emails if you you have email notifications enabled for you account.

    We will never:
    1.) Send you any attached files via email.
    2.) Ask you to send us your password and/or login details.
    3.) Send your login details to 3rd parties.
    4.) Send your password to you in plain text.
    5.) Require you to log into your account after so many days.
    6.) Require you to upgrade your account.
    7.) Force you to delete your photos or profile information.
    8.) Ask you for any personal information.
  • Do you allow advertising?
  • We allow advertising in the forums and on your profile. You can link to your facebook, linkedin, twitter, soundcloud, or any other social network where you express yourself or want people to know where you are from, and so forth. You can also link to your businesses, social groups, or anything else you feel others should know about you.
  • What if I have a problem with jake?
  • Then you probably should close your account.
  • What if someone does not respond to my messages?
  • They may have their own reasons, don't press the issue. If a user is interested in responding to you, they will. You may want to take a glance at a users profile to find out a little more about them. Take into consideration what a users profile states, and respect them as you would want to be respected back.
  • How do I color my username?
  • You will need an upgraded account in order to do this.
  • Why do some profiles not have a picture of themselves?
  • This is probably because they are either the owner, a moderator, or their picture was approved wrongly, maybe the moderator was an idiot. In the event that a user has a photo that isn't of them as their default, and is not a staff team member, report their profile and we'll review it.
  • How do I close my account?
  • Go to My Profile --> Close Account --> Enter Password and Confirm
  • Can I come back after I close my account?
  • Of course! Once you close your account, you can go back to the close account area, click Reopen Account, and your account will be restored.
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