This is the work behind the 12756 km high monument. The construction is set for completion before year 3000.

  • Security and Two Factor Authentication
  • Securing your account is not only partial your responsibility but also the website responsibility as well, in giving you the tools to help increase your security.

    We highly recommend enabling this feature, or ensure you use a secure password and change it at least once a month.
  • Who do I report issues to?
  • Send a message to jake.
  • Who are the moderators?
  • A list of the moderators can be found here.
  • What if I have a problem with someone or a moderator?
  • Send a message to jake.
  • What are the picture rules?
  • No underage nudity.
    Defaults must be a picture of you, with no one else in the picture.
    No celebrities, fake pictures, advertisements for defaults.
  • Can I create forum polls?
  • Yes! When you create a thread, you have the option to add a poll. If you don't add options or a question, it won't add the poll.
  • Is HTML allowed?
  • No, HTML is not supported.
  • Who coded this site?
  • jake.
  • Can I suggest emoticons or moods?
  • There's quite a bit of moods and emoticons to select from. Suggest more, and they'll be added once approved. Make a thread in the forums, or send a message to jake.
  • What are the photo rules?
  • Defaults
    1.) Must be a clear photo of yourself.
    2.) No one else can be in the photo unless you signify clearly which one is you.
    3.) Nudity is prohibited.
    4.) No celebrities.
    5.) No photoshopped photos allowed.

    1.) Must be you holding up a sign that says your USERNAME@THISSITE.COM
    2.) No Photoshop edited photos.
    3.) Only you in the photo.

    Private Photos
    1.) No Underage Nudity

    Site Pics/Image Hosting
    1.) No Underage Nudity

    Additional Photo Albums
    1.) If nudity included, must be friends only/private album

    Profile and Photo Comments
    1.) No harassing comments
    2.) No spam allowed
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